At work I develop new methods for reaching and working with marginalised communities, advancing the participatory action research approach to social research

Below are a selection of qualitative and quantitative public research projects I have led on throughout my professional career:

Wealth inequality and poverty stigma

A cartoon of a person holding a giant mobile phone, through which a debt advisor is leaning out to offer advice. Text reads "We're not on a conveyor belt"

We’re not on a conveyor belt

A Toynbee Hall participatory action research (PAR) project commissioned by Debt Free London on developing accessible and empowering debt advice serivces, October 2021.

A photo of three people from behind. They are having coffees and enjoying the view over London. Text reads "More than just education; a participatory action research project on adult education in London"

More than just education

A Toynbee Hall PAR project commissioned by the Greater London Authority to inform development of the Skills Roadmap for London and approaches to improving access to adult education for Londoners, February 2022.

A stick figure helping another stick figure climb stairs underneath text which reads 'Tower Hamlets Poverty Review'

Tower Hamlets Poverty Review

A Toynbee Hall PAR project commissioned by Tower Hamlets Council to
identify the drivers of poverty and solutions
for tackling them in Tower Hamlets, October 2021.

Ethnicity and religion

Text reading 'How we get along' placed next to the logo for the Woolf Institute

How we get along

A Survation multi-level regression and poststratification (MRP) online survey of 11,701 adults in England and Wales, on behalf of the Woolf Institute, University of Cambridge, November 2020.

Four women of colour having a conversation in front of a Scottish flag.

Scottish BAME Poll

A Survation poll of 500+ BAME Scots on their experiences of discrimination commissioned as part of an ongoing project on behalf of Dr Nasar Meer, University of Edinburgh, September 2019.

A church, mosque, and synagogue on a blue background

Faith and Ethnic Minority Panels

Development and management of the Survation Jewish, Muslim, and BAME online and telephone opinion panels, including work for the Jewish Leadership Council, Aziz Foundation, and the Jewish Chronicle.