Multi-disciplinary research projects are my bread and butter, with a focus on ethnicity, disability, and marginalised communities.

A map of the world with two pinpoints, one on Sudan and the other on the UK. Text reads "The Nationality Dashboard Project"

The Nationality Dashboard Project

A ongoing digital dashboard exploration of the cliche question “Where are you really from?” including an open survey of BAME individuals with data to be published in 2023.

A black and white close up of two brown hands in an open prayer gesture. Text reads "Modern Prayers; Tales of our histories lost in time"

Modern Prayers

Digital art piece on home, belonging, and exile commissioned by Out and About: Queering the Museum at RAMM and the University of Exeter, May 2021.

A pixel hand hovers over a start button about to click. In the background are various figures of disabled people; a person racing in their wheelchaire, a person walking with a mobility aid, hands signing, a person with back pain.

Untitled Digital Game

(Under construction, due Autumn 2022) Free online interactive fiction game exploring disability and the daily choices disabled people are forced to make.

A cartoon of a person holding a giant mobile phone, through which a debt advisor is leaning out to offer advice. Text reads "We're not on a conveyor belt"

We’re not on a conveyor belt

A Toynbee Hall participatory action research (PAR) project commissed by Debt Free London on developing accessible and empowering debt advice serivces, October 2021.

A photo of three people from behind. They are having coffees and enjoying the view over London. Text reads "More than just education; a participatory action research project on adult education in London"

More than just education

A Toynbee Hall PAR project commissioned by the Greater London Authority to inform development of the Skills Roadmap for London and approaches to improving access to adult education for Londoners, February 2022.

Text reads "100% Factually Accurate"

100% Factually Accurate

A 2015 six part political podcast series exploring online trending news co-hosted with journalist Josh Kitto.