Multi-disciplinary research projects are my bread and butter, with a focus on ethnicity, disability, and marginalised communities.

A map of the world with two pinpoints, one on Sudan and the other on the UK. Text reads "The Nationality Dashboard Project"

The Nationality Dashboard Project

A ongoing digital dashboard exploration of the cliche question “Where are you really from?” including an open survey of BAME individuals with data to be published in 2023.

A black and white close up of two brown hands in an open prayer gesture. Text reads "Modern Prayers; Tales of our histories lost in time"

Modern Prayers

Digital art piece on home, belonging, and exile commissioned by Out and About: Queering the Museum at RAMM and the University of Exeter, May 2021.

A pixel hand hovers over a start button about to click. In the background are various figures of disabled people; a person racing in their wheelchaire, a person walking with a mobility aid, hands signing, a person with back pain.

Untitled Digital Game

(Under construction, due Summer 2023) Online interactive fiction game exploring disability and the daily choices disabled people are forced to make.