About Me

Hello, I’m Rushaa (pronounced like Russia),

a socio-political researcher, and an occasional culture writer.

My interests centre on identity tensions and their impact in the modern world. In particular I enjoy looking at culture, race, religion, nationalism, gender, sexuality, and how they all interact with each other and shape our political systems.

My most recent staff role was as the Special Projects Manager at the polling company Survation. I managed research and methodological techniques for complex projects includind the study of UK minority populations, managing and building our ethnicity and faith panels, as well as developing our general population online panel. A particular highlight was developing a method using grant funding that I won which enables representative telephone sampling of British Muslims by ethnicity, sect, and geography rather than simply focusing on urban high population areas.

You can find my bylines at Dazed, Buzzfeed, and The Independent amongst others.

In 2017 I graduated cum laude from Maastricht University with an M.A. Politics & Society, having focused on the political and social impact of nationalism, populism, technology, and cultural conflicts within the EEA region. Prior to that in 2013 I graduated with a B.A. Politics from SOAS, University of London focusing on the role of ethnicity, religion, and nationalism in conflicts within Africa and the Middle East.